Social event (Discovering the Secrets of Postojna cave)

17:00 - 20:30 June 30

Postojna cave is one of the most famous caves in the world. Its beauty is hidden underneath the earth’s surface in the karst region. More than 20 km of picturesque passages and halls make for a breath-taking view and also give home to the endemic olm (human fish), the largest trogloditic amphibian in the world.

The bus will leave for Postojna precisely at 17.00. The meeting point is in front of the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology. We kindly ask the participants to be ready 5 min prior to departure. Once we enter the Postojna cave there might also be one or two surprises waiting for us, so make sure to sharpen your senses!


The temperature in the cave is constant and it ranges from 8-10°C, so we urge the participants to have a warm piece of clothing available, along with suitable footwear (flip-flops and high-heals are not advised).

Postojna cave

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